Selling Your Mineral Rights

Momentum Minerals is a mineral rights acquisitions company that works with property owners across the U.S. We are actively acquiring producing and non-producing mineral rights as well as oil & gas royalties and overriding royalties.

Momentum is the superior choice when looking to sell your mineral rights. By selling your mineral rights or oil & gas royalties, you give up all future rights to revenue if and when the minerals are extracted. In exchange, you receive an immediate lump sum of cash. Because future revenue from mineral rights can be uncertain, it is often in the owner’s best interest to sell their rights to a buyer and receive a larger upfront payment. Mineral rights or royalty owners can sell us all or a fraction of their ownership. There are many factors to consider when we value your mineral rights or royalties including location, producing vs. non-producing and acreage size.

Benefits of Selling Mineral Rights

Selling your mineral rights or royalties is not for everyone, but there are many advantages for people who face certain circumstances and want to sell their mineral rights. The benefits of selling including:

  • Planning for children’s college
  • Retirement planning
  • Starting a new business
  • Trying to pay down existing debt
  • Fearful of increasing tax rates
  • Cleaning up family estate issues

Our management team and third party engineers have extensive experience in evaluating minerals and royalties in these areas and across the US in every major basin including Barnett, Eagle Ford, Permian, Anna Darko, and Bakkan. We understand the different mineral plays and the potential that lies within each. Managing royalties can often be difficult and confusing for owners who know little about the oil and gas market. We will help educate you on how your rights work, how we value your assets and simplify the acquisition process. Request an offer today if you are interested in selling your mineral rights.

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