Eagle Ford Mineral Rights

Map of the Eagle Ford Shale PlayWith Momentum Minerals' experience actively buying mineral rights and oil & gas royalties in the Eagle Ford Shale (EFS) play, we believe we are able to value your mineral, royalty and overriding royalty interests and purchase those assets at a competitive price. You'll receive a lump sum upfront, allowing you to realize the value of your asset today. We work with individual property owners and consortiums in counties throughout the Eagle Ford Shale including Ellis County, Johnson County and La Salle County.

Eagle Ford Shale Overview

The Eagle Ford Shale is located in South Texas, extending from the Mexican border eastward, close to Dallas. The hydrocarbon-rich producing formation is roughly 50 miles wide and 400 miles long at a depth between 4,000 and 12,000 feet. It is the most active shale play in the world and has the potential to economically produce more gas and oil than any other shale play in the United States.

The Eagle Ford Shale is a cretaceous shale formation located between the Austin Chalk and Buda Lime formations. The play has a high carbonate percentage in the shale (up to 70%), which makes the shale more brittle and “fracable,” properties that make the shale play more productive.

Sell Your Eagle Ford Shale Assets

Momentum Minerals purchases your minerals and royalties. We do not offer leases. Our assessment of the productivity of your resources is based on technical analysis and we believe that we will offer you what we believe to be a fair, competitive price. Call us today to see how we can help you realize the value of your assets in the Eagle Ford Shale.

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