Sell Your Oklahoma Mineral Rights and Oil & Gas Royalties

With Momentums' experience buying mineral rights and royalties in Oklahoma, we believe we are able to accurately value your mineral rights, oil & gas royalties and overriding royalty interests and purchase those assets at the best price today. We work with property owners who want to sell their Oklahoma mineral rights to offer an upfront cash payment, rather than the smaller monthly royalty payments from a traditional lease arrangement. 


Oklahoma contains one of the richest mineral resource deposits in the United States, ranking 5th in the country for crude oil production. There are over 7,500 named formations in Oklahoma, with many producing oil and gas. The Arkoma Basin covers east Oklahoma and the Anadarko Basin covers west Oklahoma with both including the Woodford Shale.

Oklahoma Counties with Shale Plays

Oklahoma has 77 counties, and the majority continue to produce oil and gas. In 2015, Oklahoma ranked as the 5th largest producer of dry natural gas and the 6th largest producer crude oil. The major counties in Oklahoma with mineral resources are:

  • Grant, OK
  • Garfield, OK
  • Blaine, OK
  • Roger Mills, OK
  • Ellis, OK
  • Beckham, OK
  • Major, OK
  • Woods, OK
  • Dewey, OK
  • Custer, OK
  • Alfalfa, OK
  • Woods, OK
  • Kingfisher, OK

We work with owners in these counties and throughout the state.

Momentum Minerals BUYS ASSETS

Our experienced staff will work with you throughout the process to make sure that you understand how we value your assets and the price we offer to buy your oil & gas royalties is what we believe to be fair and competitive. We want you to feel comfortable with Momentum and the selling process and know that you made the right decision. Request an offer today to learn more about selling your Oklahoma mineral rights and oil & gas royalties.

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