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Why Work with Momentum Minerals?

Momentum Minerals is a sophisticated buyer of mineral rights and royalties, specializing in major unconventional (shale) resources. Our management team has decades of experience buying mineral rights and royalties, and we have partnered with a well-funded, diversified capital source with expertise in the energy industry. 

We have the resources, experience and expertise to evaluate your minerals, royalties or overriding royalties and move quickly to close a transaction. We pride ourselves on our integrity – Momentum will provide a valuation supported by technical analysis, offer you a fair market price for your assets and close promptly.

Momentum Minerals purchases your minerals and royalties. We do not lease mineral rights. You receive a lump sum cash payment upfront, rather than smaller monthly payments over a long period of time, which is a traditional royalty schedule.

Advantages of working with Momentum Minerals

  • Deep technical knowledge of every major U.S. basin through Momentum’s third party resources
  • Capital resources to acquire large or small mineral and royalty packages
  • Creative capital solutions and structuring
  • Ability to efficiently make decisions and transact quickly

Momentum has the capital resources to purchase mineral rights for large and small assets, whether you are selling rights for an individual property or as part of a large consortium. We believe we have the technical expertise to competitively price the value of your asset and can close promptly once you have decided to sell. We work with you throughout the process to ensure that you understand both how we value your assets and that the price you are receiving is what we believe to be a fair market price. We want you to feel comfortable with Momentum, feel comfortable with our process and know that you made the right decision.

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