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Momentum Minerals is a mineral assets, royalties & overriding royalties company, specializing in major unconventional (shale) resources as well as conventional resources throughout the United States. Our management has decades of experience in buying mineral rights and royalties throughout the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania. We have the expertise needed to accurately evaluate the value of mineral assets, royalties or overriding royalties. Our partnership with a well-funded, diversified capital source ensures that we have the resources to move quickly to close on transactions of any size, providing our customers with competitive payments for their assets.  

Momentum Minerals purchases minerals and royalties. We do not offer leases. Our clients receive a lump sum upfront, eliminating the wait and uncertainty of receiving royalties over time. Momentum’s expert, accurate assessment of the productivity of mineral resources ensures that our purchase prices are what we believe to be fair and competitive.

At Momentum Minerals, we pride ourselves on our integrity - each client is assured that we will provide what we believe to be the most accurate valuation, offer a fair market price for their assets, and close promptly.

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