Delaware Basin Mineral Deposits

Momentum Minerals has experience in evaluating and purchasing the mineral rights, royalties and overriding royalties for shale resources throughout the United States. We work with you throughout the process to make sure that you understand how we value your assets and the price you are receiving is fair and competitive. Our capital partners ensure that we have the funds to offer what we believe to be the best price today and close quickly for large and small assets.


Momentum Minerals' ownership has decades of experience buying mineral rights and oil & gas royalties for major shale plays, including the Delaware Basin. The Delaware Basin constitutes roughly 10,000 square miles, or 6.4 million acres. The basin extends from the southern New Mexico counties of Eddy and Lea, southward into the west Texas counties of Reeves, Loving, Ward, Pecos, and Culberson.

Over the course of time, the Delaware Basin was host to reefs built by microbial organisms, algae, and sponges. These organisms, as well as deep water inputs supplied by the Hovey Channel, developed carbonate buildups that formed a higher elevation area, seperating the deep water deposits and the shallow water.

The Delaware Basin is approximately 2,000 feet deeper than the Midland Basin. This increase in depth has caused, over a long period of time, the sediment to experience over twice as much pressure during burial. This is a leading factor in the stratigraphic discontinuities between the two sub-basins.

We work with property owners who want to sell their mineral rights, oil & gas royalties and overriding royalty interests in order to quickly realize the value of their assets, and we have the resources to purchase large and small assets. You will receive a lump sum payment upfront, rather than smaller, monthly royalty payments over a long period of time for selling your mineral rights.


If you are interested in selling your mineral rights, call today to see how we can help. We pride ourselves on our integrity – you can be assured that Momentum will provide the most accurate valuation, offer you what we believe to be a fair market price for your assets, and close promptly.


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