Mineral Rights Value

Momentum's engineers have expertise in evaluating the value of the assets in the different mineral plays found throughout the United States. We work with engineers and technical experts who have specific technical expertise in your area to help with the appraisal process.

What is the Value of Your Mineral Rights?

Our staff uses projections for the productivity of the oil and gas in place, the future development pace of the area and existing and projected market conditions. Using this extensive information and analysis, we develop projections of the future productivity of your asset to determine its worth. We also consider the following:

  • Location: The value of mineral rights vary by their location; if the location of your minerals rights is near known hydrocarbon accumulations, the mineral rights value will be higher. We buy royalties throughout the US, including Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and more. We work with areas with major shale formations and within basins across the country. Learn more about where we buy and the location of your mineral rights.
  • Producing vs Non-Producing Mineral Rights: Generally, minerals that are currently under production are going be worth more than non-producing minerals. If you have producing minerals, the value also depended on the flow rate. The expected presence or likelihood of future production within an area also influence our appraisal value. Non-producing minerals are generally less valuable because of the uncertainty associated with their future production rate. Part of our assessment involves evaluating production and quantity of minerals in nearby locations and expectation of wells drilled in the area.
  • Acreage & Size: Mineral rights with a high acreage to production rate are generally more valuable than those with smaller acreage. Greater acreage offers the potential more production opportunities. At Momentum, we have experience working with individual property owners and large consortiums, and can develop valuations for your assets, regardless of the size of your property.
  • Oil & Gas Prices: The commodity prices of oil and gas fluctuate constantly. The market value of your mineral rights can shift dramatically over time, making the worth of future gas royalties uncertain. These ever-changing prices have a great influence over your royalties. Knowing how to value oil royalties and mineral investments are important. Because of the fluctuating market, it may be in your best interested to sell your oil and gas royalties to a buyer. To find out what your minerals are worth and how to value your mineral right investment, contact an Momentum expert today. We are available as you consider the avenue to take to sell your oil and gas royalties.


After evaluating these aspects and more, Momentum can give you a valuable appraisal of your mineral rights and royalties. You can rely on us to give you a fair, competitive price and keep you informed and involved throughout the evaluation and purchase process. 

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