Why Sell Your Mineral Rights?

There are many different reasons to sell your mineral rights - and each seller is different. You might want cash to improve your home, pay off debt, finance your children's education or realize the cash value of your assets today. You'll receive a lump sum upfront, rather than the traditional smaller monthly royalty payments paid over a long period of time.

Our management team is experienced in buying mineral rights and royalties. Our partnership with a well-funded, diversified capital source ensures that we have the resources to move quickly to close your transaction, whether you’re selling a small or large asset. We believe Momentum’s technical assessment of the productivity of your resources will determine a competitive price for your mineral rights and royalties.

Advantages of selling your mineral rights and royalties

  • Receive a quick, lump sum cash payment for the value of your mineral assets. The cash can be used to pay off debt, finance college, save for your retirement, invest – however you want to use it. Overtime, some oil and gas interests becoming depleting assets that can eventually become worthless. To benefit from the current value of your royalties and capitalize on high commodity prices today, contact Momentum to receive an immediate cash payment. By selling us your rights, you can use that cash lump sum to invest in assets that are far likelier to appreciate (real estate, bonds, etc.)
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of future royalty streams. You won't be at the mercy of market changes or the decisions of the production company. Mineral rights owners experience uncertainty in valuing the long-term returns to be gained from holding onto mineral rights. The value of your royalties are often out of your control, so it can be difficult to plan for your financial future. Selling Momentum your mineral rights and royalties is a fast, reliable way to be certain of your financial assets.
  • Facilitate estate management. When consolidating or liquidating an estate, it can be very difficult to transition mineral assets to your children or other heirs. The process can be timely and expensive for all parties. Individuals that own mineral rights in different states will be subject to probating before the passing the title to heirs, resulting in increased expenses for the estate and the heirs themselves. Distributing cash assets is an easier, cost-effective way to divide property from an estate.
  • Lower taxes now and in the future. Mineral rights owners are subject to several taxations; these expenses could make the value of your assets not worth your time or money. In addition to the Federal Income Tax royalty revenues incur each year, you could also experience a Severance Tax and Ad Valorem Tax. Based on the mineral volume or value, most oil and gas producing states impose a Severance Tax to mineral producers and anyone with royalty interest for extracting a nonrenewable resource. An Ad Valorem Tax acts as a kind of property tax and are determined at the county level. Selling your mineral rights to Momentum would eliminate the need to track account data to validate payments and prepare complex accounting statements and tax returns. We will buy your oil and gas royalties to simplify your finances and avoid expensive taxes. 

We purchase mineral rights and royalties throughout the United States in most basins and shale plays. We work with you throughout the selling process so you understand how we value your assets as to assure you that the price is what we believe to be fair and competitive. Contact us to get your appraisal. 

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